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Jitarning is situated 22km South west from Kulin and Jitarning was proclaimed a town in 1917.

Jitarning Hall

Jitarning Hall, constructed and opened on 5th October 1918 the Hall was a timber framed building with dance floor, double entry doors and vertical louver windows. In 1924 a supper room, stage and extended dance floor was built.

The hall was built in time to welcome home the returned soldiers from the First World War. The Hall was used for dances, Christmas Tress, politicians, travelling entertainers, the Red Cross, the CWA, school concerts and community & sporting functions.

Jitarning Hostel

The Jitarning Hostel was constructed in 1918 with the view to establish a hotel; however by the time it was constructed and applied for a license, The Kulin Hotel had already successfully become licensed. A hotel is a pivotal development in any town.

Due to the failed attempt to get a liquor license, the building then became a hostel for itinerant workers, wheat lumpers and the school teacher.

The hostel is now a private residence.