Wildflowers and Walk Trails

Go wild in spring!


The South West region of WA is internationally recognised as being one of the most biodiverse areas in the world! The Kulin Shire has an abundance of wonderful wildflower reserves and roadsides which put on a spectacular seasonal show of color.

Kulin Shire has an abundance of wonderful wildflower reserves. Hopkins Nature Reserve comes to life in the early spring (September – December) and is an extremely important flora conservation area. North Jitarning Nature Reserve has a picnic area and is perfect to walk through and experience many different vegetation areas. Roadside flora is also abundant in the Shire of Kulin and we recommend you slow down, get out of the car and look at our wonderful wildflowers.

Buckley's Breakaway


70 km east of Kulin, on-route to Wave Rock, you will find this picturesque. The gully is dominated by Cypress Pine, Blue Mallet, and Box Poison, but it is the top of the ‘breakaway’ which carries the most interesting plants. It is a natural garden, with something in flower all year round. There are profusion of golden prickly Dryandras, soft pink Petrophiles, pink and yellow Verticordias, blue Dampiera, and many others. In the shelter of the shrubs, look for delicate orchids, trigger plants and sundews.

Macrocarpa Trail


The flowering gum, Eucalyptus macrocarpa (Mottlecah) is the flora emblem of the Shire of Kulin and grows along the Kulin-Corrigin Road. You can view the macrocarpa along the established Macrocarpa Walk Trail. The macrocarpa walk is located 1km west of Kulin and is an easy 1.4km walk through bushland.

Kulin Vase


The Kulin Vase was designed by Philip Gibson and is part of The Australian Collection 2007 Moorcroft England. The Vase design is based on the Eucalyptus macrocarpa which is native to Western Australia. Growing up to five meters in height, it carries brilliant red blooms for most of the year. With its large, grey-green leaves, the tree is not only able to survive an otherwise hostile, dry climate, but also supplies essential oils for medicines and perfumes. The Kulin Vase is on display for viewing at the Kulin Community Resource Centre.