Much more than metal

For nearly two decades, the crazy tin horses of Kulin have entertained travellers driving the Tin Horse Highway. Since 1995, tin horses have been popping up along the highway, in town and on other roads in the region. But there is more to these terrific bits of tin than meets the eye. Behind every quirky steed is a person with an inspiration, a story and a memory. Kulin’s Tin Horse Highway is so much more than metal.

Tin Horse Highway Short Documentary

Featuring a selection of local tin horse ‘artists’ in their ‘studios’ (studios being farm workshops, scrap heaps, sheds and on the Tin Horse Highway itself) this short film captures the uniqueness of the Tin Horse Highway and its significance to the Kulin community. CHECK IT OUT NOW. Click Here


NEW Tin Horse Highway Souvenir Book

The Shire of Kulin and community have recently produced a book entitled ‘Much More than Metal’. The collection of short stories aims to provide  an in-depth look at the Tin Horse Highway, its stories, history and  community.

Copies of ‘Much More Than Metal’ are available for  $10.00 at the Kulin Community Resource Centre. Orders can be made over  the phone by calling the Shire of Kulin on 08 9880 1204.

more than metal