Heritage Buildings

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Kulin Hotel

Location: Lots 17,18,19 Johnston Street, Kulin
Completed Construction Date: 1919

History: The Kulin Hotel is of exceptional heritage significance and was pivotal in the development of Kulin town. 

The Kulin Hotel had a controversial beginning when the circumstances of its liquor grant caused a furor in state politics. Since 1912 the Dudinin Store had operated as a liquor outlet and from 1914, a sly grog shop was available in Jitarning. In 1918, Michael Brown, who was the largest landowner in the Jitarning District, started on the construction of a two storey stone building with the intent of starting a hotel. However, by the time Brown’s building was complete and had applied for a liquor license, the Kulin Hotel had already successfully become licensed and Brown’s application was rejected. It was alleged that the member for Williams – Narrogin, EB (Bertie) Johnston had used his influence for his own personal interests. The findings of the subsequent Royal Commission were inconclusive and the Kulin Hotel kept its hotel license.

The Kulin Hotel was officially opened on the 1st April 1919 however no one attended, thinking it was an April fool’s joke. WM Butler, a Wickepin Machinery agent was the first licensee however two years later, the hotel was taken over by EB Johnston’s brother, HC Johnston. In 1975, the pub ran out of beer motivating the Kulin Community to purchase the hotel and run it until 1981. During these years, the profits from the pub helped to fund the local sporting clubs.  

Butler's Garage (Kulin Museum)

Location: Lot 87 Johnston Street, Kulin
Completed Construction Date: 1936

History: Butlers Garage is a significant piece of Kulin’s Heritage, particularly that’s associated with the development of the agricultural industry and thus the identity of the region.  The architecture of the building is a fine example of construction during the Depression years. During the mid 1920's WM Butler & Co of Wickepin established a machinery agency business in Kulin. In the late 1920's WH (Bill) Butler (WM's son) established in Kulin and took over the agency, developing it further with the construction of the garage on this site. The agencies functioned continuously right up until 1994. The garage has been restored and houses the Kulin Museum. The Museum is currently open on a Saturday morning from 8.30am – 12pm. If the museum is closed please contact (08) 9880 1024 to arrange a visit.

Kulin Memorial Hall

Location: Lot 84 & 85 Johnston Street, Kulin
Construction Date: 1928

History: The foundation stone commemorated on the 20 March 1928 is dedicated to the First World War. The hall was the venue for many dances and social events in Kulin through the depression years and into the Second World War with wartime farewells and welcome homes, and the annual Anzac Day service. The Volunteer Air Defense Corps, formed in 1942, used the Gentleman's social rooms as an observation post. The hall was available for free rent to local fundraising bodies during the war. Many fundraising dances were held, as well as many balls such as the Debutante’s Ball and the Grand Ball, and school concerts.

CWA Country Women's Association

Location: Lot 4 Johnston Street, Kulin
Construction Date: 1937

History: In 1929 the women of the Kulin District formed the Kulin Branch of the CWA, at a meeting in the Kulin Memorial Hall. In 1937 the foundation stone was laid by the President at the time, Mrs. Casey. The rooms were constructed to provide facilities for country women when visiting town, to freshen, care for children's needs, have a cup of tea, and most important to all, to socialize both formally and informally.

East Kulin School

Location: Lot 54, Day Street, Kulin
Construction Date: 1936 (relocated to this site in 1947)

History: In 1943 the East Kulin School closed. On 26 August 1947 the school building was relocated to this site, for use as a mobile health clinic. The mobile Health Clinic was based in Corrigin and Sister Wilson travelled to Kulin from 1947 when the service commenced. The building was restored by the Kulin Lions Club.

Butcher Shop

Location: Lot 19 Day Street, Kulin
Construction Date: 1925

History: The butcher shop was built by west Kulin farmers, Douglas and Murley. After a period of time Gordon Lewis, who supplied meat from his West Kulin farm, took over the butcher shop. In the late 1920's, Norm Tyley came from South Australia and worked for his uncle and cousin’s butcher shop in Corrigin. In 1930, Atkinson went out of business, and Tyley, unemployed, was subsequently financed by H.C. Johnston, the Kulin Hotel publican. Tyley's sons Peter and Ben entered into a partnership "Kulin Butchery", in 1969.

Kulin Railway Station

Location: Railway Reserve, Kulin
Construction Date: 1946

History: The railway line from Narrogin to Wickepin via Yilliminning was opened in 1909, and the line through from Yilliminning to Kondinin via Kulin was proposed. In 1912, the communities along the line to Kulin lobbied for a preferred route for the Railway line that was being surveyed. On 15 March 1915 the railway line through to Kulin was taken over by the Government and on 16 March it was officially opened and the first train rolled into Kulin. Today, the old Railway Station houses the Kulin Gallery and Studio.

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